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Physics 2300 -- Autumn 2017

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*General Information about Physics 2300

Course title:
Physics 2300: Intermediate Mechanics (part 1)
Introduction to Classical Mechanics by D. Morin (available as an ebook) and check out Safari
Basic Training in Mathematics by Shankar (first few chapters available from Google books)
Topics to be covered:

  • Vectors and Kinematics
  • Foundations of Newtonian Mechanics
  • Momentum, Work, and Energy
  • Conservative and Nonconservative Forces
  • Angular Momentum
  • Orbital mechanics
  • Also ... some math methods
  • and introduction to Mathematica
    Meeting Schedule:
    Lecture: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday in Scott Lab E0001 11.30am-12.25pm
    Homework "dojo": Fridays in Smith Lab room 2017, from 10.30 on through the afternoon. NOT a required formal session, just a good time to come ask questions and work together.
    Labor Day, Mon Sept 4
    Autumn Break, Thurs-Fri Oct 12-13
    Veterans Day, Fri Nov 10
    Thanksgiving break, Wed-Fri Nov 22-24
    Grade Weighting:
    Homework [30%]
    Midterm #1 [15%]: Thursday evening (7.30pm-9.30pm) Sep 28, in Smith Lab room 1153
    Midterm #2 [20%]: Thursday evening (7.30pm-9.30pm) Nov 9, in Smith Lab room 1153
    Final [35%]: Thursday Dec 14, 10am in Smith Lab 1153
    Prof. Gregory Kilcup
    office: M2030 Physics Research Building
    email: kilcup.1@osu.edu
    phone: 946-0276
    Office Hours: most afternoons in Smith 1011, especially when homework is due. Fridays in Smith Lab room 2017.
    Mike Lopez (grad student)
    Stephen Gant (undergrad)
    Omar Mansour (undergrad)
    Derek Lust (undergrad)
    Homework Graders:
    Changyan Wang (grad student)
    Suyuan Liu (grad student)
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    *Problem Sets

    Homework will be due on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. I'll usually bring a box to class, but one can also hand it in later in the 1011 lounge. Everyone gets two late homeworks, i.e. we will accept two late homeworks w/o question. We will automatically drop your lowest homework score, so you can afford to miss one assignment w/o penalty. More precisely we will award everyone one homework "coupon", good for upgrading your lowest score to 100%. This will be done for you automatically at the end of the term. You can earn a second "coupon", good for upgrading your next lowest score, by participating in a Physics Education Research survey.

    *Handouts and Software

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