Department of Art/Department of Physics
Art 4301/Phy 6201/Art 555: Holography II

  Week 1: Introduction to the Course
    Lecture: What is Holography?

View different types of sample holograms,
View Museum of Holography Video,
Procedures for working in the holography lab.
    Demonstration: Use of glass in Split-beam reflection holograms.
    Discussion: Holography, Stereograms, Real and Virtual Images

  Week 2: Reflection Holograms


Reflection holograms, background lighting.

Holography rules - Stability,
Holography rules - Equal Path Lengths/Depth of Field,
Holography rules - Beam Ratios

Split-beam reflection holograms with background lighting,
Working in the student shop, sand-blasting.
    Laboratory: Split-beam reflection holograms with ground glass

  Week 3: Reflection Holograms
    Lecture: The grating equation. Painting with lambda.
    Demonstration: Reflection holograms with refractive objects.
    Discussion: Color.

Split-beam reflection holograms with refractive objects and color.

  Week 3-11: Reflection Holograms
    Laboratory: Students create reflection holograms

  Week 12: Pulse Laser/Split-beam Transmission Master Holograms
    Lecture: Transmission holograms. Beam Ratio, Mastering. Edges.
    Demonstration: Split-beam transmission holograms.
    Laboratory: Split-beam transmission holograms.

  Week 12-13: Pulse Laser/Split-beam Transmission Master Holograms
    Laboratory: Students create master holograms

  Week 14: Transfers from a Master Hologram

The transfer technique, aperatures, master and transfer sizes, final image placement.

Master transmission to transmission transfer,
Master transmission to reflection transfer.
    Discussion: Holography in art.
    Laboratory: Two step transmission or reflection transfer.

  Week 14-15: Transfers from a Master Hologram
    Laboratory: Students create transfer.


Week 15: Final Projects

    Class Exhibition: Show Piece due Friday

  Week X1: Copying Holograms
    Lecture: Copying a hologram.
    Demonstration: Copying a hologram.
    Laboratory: Copying a hologram by contact printing.

  Week X2: Multiple Image Masters - Animations

Multiple image holograms. Rendering and morphing images.

Two image master holograms; ten image master holograms.
    Laboratory: Ten image master hologram.