Art 4301/Phy 6201/Art 555: Holography II

Course Description:
Expanding the students' knowledge of holographic techniques, including computer generated holography in traditional and experimental artworks.

Course Objectives:
This course will continue the introduction and encourage exploration of holography as an artistic tool. The student will create and evolve three-dimensional holographic imagery using created, found and computer generated objects to produce an artistic experience for the viewer.

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will:
     - understand the basics of creating artistic imagery using
       holography as an art tool
     - understand the basic concepts and techniques of making
       and transferring master holograms

The Holography Handbook, by Unterseher, Hansen and Schlesinger

Reading List:
H.J. Caufield, The Applications of Holography
G. Dowbenko, Homegrown Holography
T. Jeong, Holography
W.E. Knock, Lasers and Holography: An Introduction to Coherent Optics..