Department of Art
Art 4301/Phy 6201/Art 555: Holography II

Your work in the course will be evaluated on the basis described below:
Project 1: Reflection Hologram (5"x7") 30%
Project 2: Master Hologram (8"x10") and Copy 30%
Project 3: Transfer Hologram (5"x7") 30%
Attendance   5%
Class Participation   5%

Projects (90%): The three projects represent the types of holograms you will learn about during the quarter.

Final Exhibition Piece: The final exhibition piece will be one or more of the holograms you create above suitably framed and presented for display in the final class show.

Participation and Attendance (10%): Your contribution to the class discussion during the quarter is important to making the class interesting and informative. More than 3 unexcused absences will adversely affect your grade.