Department of Art/Department of Physics
Art 4301/Phy 6201/Art 555: Holography II
General Information

Course Content and Procedures:
This course consists of lectures, demonstrations, labs, discussions and critiques. Lectures and demonstrations will generally be held on Mondays. Discussion, critiques and labs will generally be held on Wednesdays.

The course will be comprised of advanced students with at least one quarter of holography. Student projects will be due as announced. Projects will be discussed as work is created and displayed. Student work will be critiqued and graded. Final projects may be displayed in a holography exhibition.

This course requires materials for which an additional fee will be assessed. The fee covers the cost of chemicals and supplies. Students must provide any additional film they use. Film (Slavich PFG-01) is available for purchase from the instructors.

     - On-time attendance (unexcused absences will adversely affect your grade)
     - Notebook and/or sketchbook
     - Lock for lab locker