Department of Art
Art 3201: Holography I

Your work in the course will be evaluated on the basis described below:

Project 1: Diffraction Grating 10%
Project 2: One-step Rainbow Hologram 10%
Project 3: Split Beam Transmission Hologram 10%
Project 4: Single Beam Reflection Hologram 10%
Final Exhibition Piece 15%
Report 15%
Exam 15%
Class Participation and Attendance 15%

Projects (40%): The four projects represent the four types of holograms you will learn about during the semester.

Final Exhibition Piece (15%): The final exhibition piece must be a new piece (not one of the four projects already graded), presented for display in the final class show. This piece may be any of the four types of holograms taught this semester.

Report (15%): During the first weeks of class you should sign up for a topic and a date for your presentation. You are expected to present and discuss a topic, artist or scientist related to holography. For this presentation you will work alone. You will be given roughly 30 minutes for your presentation. In addition you are required to turn in an outline or summary of your presentation and any other supporting materials. For more information see the Report Information sheet.

Exam (15%): During the last two weeks of class you will be given an exam covering the material which was presented to you during the semester in lectures and reports. The exam will be closed book and will consist of roughly 40 multiple choice, matching and fill-in questions .

Participation and Attendance (15%): Your contribution to the class discussion during the semester is important to making the class interesting and informative. Attendance at presentations by other students is required. More than 4 unexcused absences will adversely affect your grade.