Department of Art/Department of Physics
3201H: Honors Holography 1
Student Reports

You are required to give a presentation on a topic or artist somehow connected to the study of Holography. Your presentation should be approximately 25-30 minutes long with a 5-10 minute discussion of the topic following the presentation. Aside from the presentation you are responsible for leading the discussion. The TA will be present only to add to the discussion. On the weeks that you do not present you should be an active participant in the discussion. Participation is a significant portion of your grade.

1. Select a Report topic, holographer or scientist from the topic list.
If you have interest in a topic not on the list you should discuss the topic with the instructor or TA to get their approval. You may use references from the videos shown in class, lectures, slides, other classes, world wide web, and holography books. If you are doing a presentation on an artist limit the biographical information to 1-2 minutes; focus on the ideas and concepts in the work - spend your time discussing a small number of well-chosen images to illustrate the ideas and concepts. If you are presenting a technique be sure to show examples of how the technique is used in art or science.

2. Discuss the topic with one of the instructors.
Discuss the appropriateness of the topic and sources of information you have chosen. Although the web is a wonderful resource the material you find there may not be correct.

3. Research the topic.
You may fine the Fine Arts Library (in Mershon/Wexner Center), Main Library and Physical Sciences Library useful. For fine artists in the Fine Arts Library you should use the Art Index to Periodicals to find articles. The Librarians are there to assist you if you have any trouble.

4. Copy the material you wish the class to receive.
A few days in advance give copies of the report material to the TA who will distribute them to the class. This reading material will help the class understand your topic and facilitate class discussion.

5. Give your Report.
Your presentation (report + questions + discussion) should last about 30 min. Make your report as interesting, informative, unique, and innovative as you can. You may wish to have something in your hand or a transparency to remind you of the main subjects about which you wish to talk. Speak slowly and clearly, as you would to a group of creative and intelligent people who know less about the subject than you do. The measure of your success will not be how much you have said, but how much your audience has understood, remembers, and finds interesting. If you choose to present on stereograms, hand-drawn holograms or optical illusions you must demonstrate the technique in class.

6. Turn in a one page Outline or Summary of your report
on the Monday before you present.

7. Your presentation will be graded on the following:
-Content (breadth and depth)
-Outline or Summary
-Discussion of the ideas
-Interest to audience
-Demeanor, clarity of expression

It is the responsibility of the student to schedule his or her presentation.