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XFT: The eXtremely Fast Tracker

Purpose: Part of the CDF Level 1 trigger.  Finds high momentum charged tracks in time for the Level 1 trigger decision.  For more information on this device, look here.

CDF: The Collider Detector at Fermilab.  A ~5000 ton detector used to study proton-antiproton collision at the world's highest energy collider, the Fermilab Tevatron.  For more information on CDF, look here.

Upgrade: The XFT is installed and working well.  Why upgrade?  The Tevatron plans to increase the luminosity (how often it collides the protons and anti-protons) to a level (3 times the design!) at which the current XFT will have difficulty working.

Personnel: The groups presently involved in the upgrade include:

  • The Ohio State University (Richard Hughes, Kevin Lannon, Ben Kilminster, Brian Winer)
  • The University of Illinois (Mike Kasten, Suzanne Levine, Kevin Pitts, Greg Veramendi)

Information: Need more information?  Send me mail.

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