In a previous paper, referred to as a "Mini-Landscape" search, we explored a "fertile patch" of the heterotic landscape based on a Z6-II orbifold with SO(10) and E6 local GUT structures. In the present paper we extend this analysis. We find many models with the minimal supersymmetric standard model spectra and an exact R parity. In all of these models, the vector-like exotics decouple along D flat directions. We present two "benchmark" models which satisfy many of the constraints of a realistic supersymmetric model, including non-trivial Yukawa matrices for 3 families of quarks and leptons and Majorana neutrino masses for right-handed neutrinos with non-trivial See-Saw masses for the 3 light neutrinos. This talk is based on arXiv:0708.2691 [hep-th]