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Autumn Quarter 2008

Oct 3 Stephen J. Sekula (MIT/BaBar/OSU) The White Elephant: Upsilon Physics at the BaBar B-factory (Firday 3pm PRB 4138)
Oct 7 Kenneth Heller (U of Minnesota) The Next Generation Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiments: From MINOS to NOVA (Tuesday 2pm PRB 4138)
Oct 17 Anna Hasenfratz (U of Colorado) Reweighting towards the chiral limit of QCD (Friday 3pm PRBM 2015)
Oct 20 Holgar Nielsen (Neils Bohr Institute) Complex Action, Initial state model, Space time foam, and "Multiple Point Principle"(Monday 3pm Smith seminar room)
Oct 31
Nov 7 Homer Wolfe (ZEUS/Wisconsin) Using W Exchange To Explore The Flavor Content Of The Proton With ZEUS (Friday 3pm PRB 3041)
Nov 14
Nov 21 Thomas Levi (NYU) When Worlds Collide (Friday 11am PRB M2015)
Nov 25 Robert Myers (Perimeter Institute) Beyond $\eta/s = 1/4\pi$ (Tuesday 11am Simith seminar room)
Dec 2 Steve Ahlen (Boston U) New Directions in Particle Tracking (Tuesday 3pm PRB 4138)
Dec 3 Sourabh Dube (CDF/Rutgers) Search for Supersymmetry at CDF using Trileptons (Wednesday 3pm PRB 3041)

Spring Quarter 2008

Mar 26 Michael Peskin (SLAC) A Little More about Graviton Radiation into Large Extra Dimensions (Wednesday 10:30am)
Mar 28 Hye-Sung Lee (UFL) R-parity violating U(1)'-extended MSSM
Apr 04 Maxim Perelstein (Cornell) Little Higgs with T Parity (12:30pm PRB 4138)
Apr 09 Martin Schmaltz (BU) The mu/Bmu problem in gauge mediation and hidden sector running (Wednesday 11:30am Smith Seminar Room) VIDEO LINKS: asf mov
Apr 14 Herman Verlinde (IAS) N-ification of Forces (Monday 4pm PRB 4138)
Apr 25 Gil Paz (IAS) Z'-mediated Supersymmetry Breaking (3:30 pm Smith Seminar Room)
May 02 Hyun Min Lee (CMU) U(1)_R mediation from the flux compactification in six dimensions (3:30 pm Smith Seminar Room)
May 09 Brent Nelson (NEU) Solving the LHC Inverse Problem with Dark Matter Observations (3:30 pm M2015)
May 16 Jesse Thaler (LBL) GenEvA: A New Framework for Event Generation (3:30 pm Smith Seminar Room)
May 21 Lian-Tao Wang (Princeton) Spin measurements at the LHC (3:30 pm M2035)
May 23 Heechang Na (IU) Heavy baryon mass spectrum with realistic staggered quarks in Lattice QCD (3:30 pm Smith Seminar Room) VIDEO LINKS: asf mov
May 30 Jacob Bourjaily (IAS) Local Model Building in M-Theory (3:30 pm Smith Seminar Room)

Winter Quarter 2008

Jan 11 Meng Lu (OSU) Cancelled
Jan 18
Jan 25
Feb 01 Meng Lu (OSU) Line Shapes of Exotic c-cbar Mesons
Feb 08
Feb 11 Al Mueller AdS/CFT in Deep Inelastic Scattering and Heavy Ion Physics (Monday 4:00pm)
Feb 15 Jihn E. Kim (Seoul National U.) String compactification and unification of forces
Feb 22 Hasan Yuksel (OSU) Indirect Detection of Dark Matter
Feb 29 Keith Olive (UMN) Phenomenological Aspects of Supersymmetric Dark Matter
Mar 07 Greg van Anders (UBC) SU(2|4) Symmetric Field Theories and the Lin-Maldacena Geometries
Mar 14 Eduardo Follana (OSU) Charm physics on the lattice with highly improved staggered quarks