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Autumn Quarter 2007

Sep 28 Shmuel Nussinov Astroparticle and some LHC aspects of long lived or stable massive colored particles
Oct 05 Akin Wingerter MSSM-Like Models with R-Parity from Strings
Oct 12 Zoltan Ligeti Short distance physics from b -> s l+ l-
Oct 19 Hiro Tajima Development of Hard X-ray/Soft Gamma-ray Imaging Detectors for Space Applications
Oct 26 Volodymyr Miranskyy Phases with Vector Condensates at Finite Density in QCD and Beyond
Nov 02 Anna Stasto Unintegrated parton distribution functions and factorization (Joint HEP/Nuclear Seminar. SPECIAL TIME: 12:30 pm)
Nov 09 Ulysses Grundler Measuring the Top-Pair Production Cross Section Using Soft Muon Tagging at CDF
Nov 16 Jacques Chauveau Measurements of CP violation in B decays and CKM parameters
Nov 30 Anastasios Taliotis Early Time Dynamics in Heavy Ion Collisions from AdS/CFT Correspondence
Dec 07 Ryuichiro Kitano Sweet Spot Supersymmetry

Spring Quarter 2007

30 MAR Gary Horowitz Microstates of a Neutral Black Hole
30 MAR Amir Rahimi Evidence for D0-D0bar mixing at BABAR
04 APR Mark Trodden Gravitational Approaches to Cosmic Acceleration
06 APR Piyush Kumar Explaining the Electroweak Scale and stabilizing moduli in M theory
11 APR Gautam Mandal Quantization of gravity, giants and sound waves
13 APR Hock Seng Goh Folded Supersymmetry
20 APR
25 APR Robert Brandenberger String Gas Cosmology and Structure Formation
27 APR
04 MAY Christoph Luhn Proton hexality and neutrino masses from an anomalous U(1)
11 MAY
18 MAY
25 MAY
01 JUN
08 JUN Tommy Levi tba

Winter Quarter 2007

10 JAN Catalin Ciobanu Searches for single-top-quarks and heavy bosons at CDF
31 JAN Ian-Woo Kim Global symmetries and related phenomenology in Flipped SU(5) model from Z_12 orbifold
02 FEB Hyun-Min Lee Gauge Coupling Unification from SO(10) GUT in Six Dimensions
02 FEB Josh Moss Measurement of the Branching Fraction of KL->Pi+ Pi- e+ e- in the High Invariant Mass Region
09 FEB Elvira Gamiz |V_us| and m_s from tau decays
16 FEB
23 FEB Tuhin Roy Messages from the Hidden Sector and Super-particle Masses
23 FEB Karina F. Loureiro LHC: Extra Dimensions and Black Holes
02 MAR Jay Hubisz Radion Phenomenology in Warped Models of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
09 MAR Scott Watson Early Universe Dynamics and Inflation in String Theory
16 MAR