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Winter Quarter 2006

04 JAN
11 JAN
18 JAN Alexey Petrov (Wayne State University) Lifetimes of heavy hadrons in heavy quark expansion
25 JAN
*01 FEB Seminar Postponed Mark Trodden (Syracuse U.) Is Cosmic Acceleration Telling us Something About Gravity?
08 FEB Radovan Dermisek (Institute for Advanced Study) Higgs where it should be
15 FEB Thomas Blum (University of Connecticut) Lattice calculation of hadronic contributions to the muon anomalous magnetic moment
22 FEB Jungil Lee (Korea University) Reconciling the Light-Cone and NRQCD Approaches to Calculating $e^+e^-\to J/\psi + \eta_c$
01 MAR Cosmin Macesanu (Syracuse University) Phenomenology of Universal Extra Dimensions with ADD Gravity
08 MAR Ulrich Baur (University of Buffalo, NY) Probing Electroweak Top Quark Couplings at Hadron and Lepton Coliders
15 MAR Final Exams

* Note special date and/or time.

Spring Quarter 2006

29 MAR Bogdan Dobrescu (Fermilab) Standard Model in Six Dimensions
05 APR Andrew Hamilton (University of Alberta) Exclusive Interactions at CDFII
12 APR Maulik Parikh (Columbia University) A Matter of Inertia: Mach 2
19 APR Ian Low (Institute for Advanced Study) Emerging Holography
*26 APR 10:00 AM Merab Gogberashvili (Andronikashvili Institute of Physics, Tbilisi, Georgia Dark Matter and Dark Energy in Spherical Brane-Universe Model
03 MAY Stephen Mrenna (Fermilab) Preparing for Discovery
10 MAY
17 MAY
24 MAY Kyoungchul Kong (University of Florida) Phenomenology of Universal Extra Dimensions
31 MAY Kazu Hanagaki (Fermilab) Bs Flavor Oscillation Result at Dzero
07 JUN Final Exams

* Note special date and/or time.

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