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Autumn Quarter 2004

22 SEP
29 SEP Wai-Yee Keung (University of Illinois at Chicago) Split Supersymmetry, stable gluino, and gluinonium
06 OCT Andrei Mikhailov (Caltec) Geometry of fast moving strings
13 OCT Gianfranco Bertone (Fermilab) Astrophysical constraints on particle Dark Matter and physics beyond the Standard Model
20 OCT Iosif Bena (UCLA) Black rings, supertubes and black hole entropy.
27 OCT Radu Silviu Roiban (USCB) On perturbation theory with spin chains
03 NOV Anton Ryzhov (Brandeis University) On the Structure of the Dilatation Operator in N=4 SYM
10 NOV Kris Kennaway (USC)POSTPONED until sometime in winter quarter
17 NOV Ira Rothstein (University of Maryland) Effective Theory of Gravity for Extended Objects
24 NOV Thanksgiving
01 DEC Stuart Raby (The Ohio State University) Three family models from the heterotic string
8 DEC Final Exams

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Winter Quarter 2005

*05 JAN 1.00pm rm 4079 Hyung Do Kim (Seoul National University)
*12 JAN 1.00pm rm 4079 Chris Dawson (BNL)
*19 JAN 1.00pm rm 4079 Robert Shrock (Stony Brook University)
26 JAN Niklas Beisert (Princeton) Strings on AdS5xS5, N=4 Super Yang-Mills and Algebraic Curves
02 FEB Jungil Lee (Korea University) Inclusive Production of Four Charm Hadrons in E^+ E^- Annihilation at B Factories
09 FEB Malcolm John (University of Paris VII) Alpha and Gamma at BABAR
16 FEB
23 FEB Larry Yaffe (University of Washington) Orbifold Projections and large N_c Equivalences
02 MAR Seiji Terashima (Rutgers) Boundary String Field Theory and c=1 Matrix Model
09 MAR
16 MAR Final Exams

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Spring Quarter 2005

30 MAR Shufang Su (University of Arizona) SuperWIMP Dark Matter
06 APR
*13 APR Smith Room Maxim Pospelov (University of Victoria, U of Guelph and Perimeter Institute) Lorentz violation in effective field theory and supersymmetry
20 APR Anatoly Konechny (Rutgers) On the Boundary Entropy of One-dimensional Quantum Systems at Low Temperature
27 APR Vladimir Kazakov (Ecole Normale Paris and U. Chicago) Classical/quantum integrability for all states/operators in AdS/CFT
04 MAY
11 MAY Jon Thaler (University of Illinois) The Lure of the Dark and Mysteries
*18 MAY Smith Room Nadav Drukker All-genus calculation of Wilson loops in AdS/CFT using D-branes
25 MAY John Donoghue (University of Massachusetts) Quark masses and mixings in the landscape
01 JUN
08 JUN Final Exams

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Autumn Quarter 2005

07 SEP Jean-Philippe Lansberg (Universite de Liege) New approach to heavy quarkonium production in hadronic collisions
21 SEP
28 SEP Akin Wingerter (Ohio State University) A Stringy Higgs Mechanism
*28 SEP 3:30 Smith Seminar room Stephen Pinsky (Ohio State University) Direct evidence for the Maldacena conjecture for N=(8,8) super Yang-Mills
*05 OCT Smith Seminar Room Steve Olsen (Hawaii) Getting to the Bottom of the Standard Model
12 OCT Xinkai Wu (University of Kentucky) Antimembrane dynamics in 11d ppwave
19 OCT Stuart Raby (Ohio State University) Predictions of a Complete SO(10) SUSY GUT
26 OCT
02 NOV Andreas Kronfeld (Fermilab) Predictive Lattice QCD
09 NOV Natalia Saulina (Harvard University) Indexed degeneracies of BPS states and topological strings
16 NOV
23 NOV
30 NOV Gouranga Nayak (SUNY, Stony Brook) Fragmentation, Factorization and Infrared Poles in Heavy Quarkonium Production
07 DEC
14 DEC Sumit Das (University of Kentucky) Caricatures of Big Bang from Matrices

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