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Wednesdays, Smith Lab 1094

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Autumn Quarter 2003

24 SEP
01 OCT S.M. Koushiappas (OSU)(11:30-12:30) '' ''What can we learn from neutralino annihilations in Milky Way substructure''
02 OCT E. Simmons(*Thursday 1:30PM*) '' Flavor, Composite Higgs, and Theory Space''
08 OCT
15 OCT
16 OCT G.C. McLaughlin (NC state) (*Thursday 10:30*) ''Neutrinos and Nucleosynthesis in Supernovae and Gamma Ray Bursts''
22 OCT D. Mateos (Perimeter Institute)(5:00-6:00) ''Towards a holographic dual of large-N QCD''
29 OCT J. Besprosvany (UNAM)(11:30-1:00) '' Standard-model parameters from spin-extended models and compositeness ''
04 NOV John Beacom (FNAL)(12:30) (*Tuesday, room1094*) '' Detecting the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background ''
05 NOV Estia Eichten (Fermilab)(11:30-12:30) ''Dynamics of heavy-light systems''
12 NOV Steven Gottlieb (Indiana)(11:30-1:00) ''Lattice Gauge Theory with Improved Kogut-Susskind Configurations Confronts Experiment ''
12 NOV Chunhui Han (Michigan)(*1:30*)(*room 1094*) ''Top Pair Production Cross Section Measurement in the e+jets Channel Using Matrix Element Method ''
18 NOV Tom Weiler (Vanderbilt)(*12:30*,*room 1094*) ''Neutrino Astrophysics, TeV to ZeV ''
19 NOV (11:30-12:30)
26 NOV Thanksgiving
03 DEC Elie Gorbatov (UCSC)(11:30-12:30) TBA
08 DEC Carlos Wagner (ANL)(*Mon*,*1:30-2:30*) "Precision Measurements and Collider Phenomenology" (Cancelled)
10 DEC Final Exams

* Note special date and/or time.

Winter Quarter 2004

07 JAN Mike Strickland (Tuwien) ''Collective Modes of an Anisotropic QGP''
14 JAN Jungil Lee (Argonne)(12:30) ''Belle $J/\psi+\eta_c$ Anomaly - The largest discrepancy in the Standard Model -''
21 JAN (12:30)
28 JAN Sean Fleming (Carnegie-Mellon) (12:30) "Recent developments in soft-collinear effective theory: from heavy quark decay to jet physics"
04 FEB Eduardo Ponton (FNAL)(12:30) ''Gaugino Mediation in Warped Spaces ''
11 FEB Liliana Velasco-Sevilla (UMichigan)(12:30) "Spontaneous CP violation and Non-Abelian Family Symmetry in SUSY"
18 FEB (12:30)
25 FEB Paul Fendley (Virginia)(12:30) "Topological Field Theory and Conformal Quantum Critical Points"
03 MAR Louie Strigari (OSU)(12:30) ''The Supernova Relic Neutrino Background''
10 MAR Dragan Huterer (CWRU) "Multipole Vectors and the CMB Sky"
17 MAR Final Exams

Spring Quarter 2004

31 MAR
07 APR Shmuel Nussinov (Tel Aviv) "some comments on the pentaquark theta(1540)"
14 APR Shmuel Nussinov (Tel Aviv) "new derivations and variants of the casimir effect"
21 APR Koenraad Schalm (Columbia U) "Deciphering Stringy Signatures in the CMB"
28 APR Christian Bauer (Caltech) (room 4079) "Non-leptonic, exclusive B decays"
*03 MAY Radovan Dermisek (UCDAVIS)(room 4079, *1:30* ) "Fermion Masses in Maximally Mixing World"
05 MAY Charles Thorn (UFlorida)(room 4079) "Renormalizing Quantum Field Theory on the Light cone Worldsheet"
12 MAY Konstantin Matchev (UFlorida) (12:30) (room 4079) "Testing Cosmology at Colliders"
*17 MAY Paul Jackson (U. of Victoria) (11:30-12:30room 1094) "Rare decays and recoil method physics at BaBar"
19 MAY
26 MAY
02 JUN Danny Birmingham (Stanford)(12:30 room 4079) "Non-Quasinormal Modes and Black Hole Quantum Mechanics"
11 JUN Final Exams

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