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Autumn Quarter 1996

25 SEP Phillip Koehn (Rochester) Bottom and charm content in jets
02 OCT Andrew Heckler (OSU) Black hole photospheres
09 OCT Francesco Antonuccio (OSU) Non-perturbative QCD for beginners: A “back-to-basics” approach
16 OCT Andrew Hime (LANL) Confronting the solar neutrino problem and other hints of neutrino mass
23 OCT K. K. Gan (OSU) What's new from Tau96
30 OCT Adam Falk (Johns Hopkins) Inclusive heavy hadron decays from QCD
06 NOV Ikaros Bigi (Notre Dame) Heavy quark expansions for inclusive weak decays: Successes and challenges
13 NOV Patricia Ball (FNAL) Heavy quark physics from QCD sum rules
20 NOV Ann Nelson (Univ. Washington) The more minimal supersymmetric standard model
11 DEC Mikulas Blazek (Slovak Academy of Sciences) Multifractality and particle density fluctuations in high energy collisions

Winter Quarter 1997

08 JAN Yuri Shirman (UC Santa Cruz) Mechanisms of dynamical supersymmetry breaking
15 JAN Erich Poppitz (Chicago) Duality, product groups and supersymmetry breaking
22 JAN Alex Kagan (Cincinnati) Hints for enhanced b → s g
29 JAN Chris Carone (LBL) Supersymmetric framework for a dynamical fermion mass hierarchy
05 FEB Stephen Pinsky (OSU) The solution of a dimentionally reduced matrix model in the large N approximation
26 FEB Rupert Seidlein (Argonne) Atmospheric neutrino oscillations
12 MAR Alfred Shapere (Kentucky) Phase transitions in supersymmetric gauge theories
19 MAR Henry Tye (Cornell) Three family grand unification in superstring theory

Spring Quarter 1997

16 APR Fred Mansouri (Cincinnati) Local supersymmetry, the cosmological constant problem and the fate of superpartners
30 APR Volodya Miransky (Connecticut) Conformal phase transition in gauge theories
07 MAY Michael J. Duff (Texas A & M) Supersymmetry without supersymmetry
21 MAY Colin Morningstar (UC San Diego) Gluonic excitations: Glueballs and hybrid mesons
04 JUN Emil Mottola (LANL) An infrared fixed point for quantum gravity and the CMBR

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