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Autumn Quarter 2003

12 SEP Kuang-Ta Chao ''Charmonium production in e+e- annihilation and B meson decay''
26 SEP V. Sreedhar(IIT, Kanpur) '' Symmetries of Fluid Dynamics and the Self-Duality of the Rankine-Hugoniot Shock ''
03 OCT Per Kraus(UCLA) ''D-brane dynamics in two dimensions''
10 OCT J. Michelson (UKentucky) ''Matrix (String) Theory of pp Wave''
17 OCT
24 OCT Andrei Parnachev (Rutgers) '' U(1)_R symmetries and a-conjecture in super Yang-Mills ''
31 OCT Hong Liu (MIT)
07 NOV Vasilis Niarchos (UChicago) ``DBI effective actions for open string tachyons''
14 NOV Alex Buchel (West Ontario & Perimeter) ''On cosmological constant on string theory flux compactifications''
21 NOV Inyong Park (OSU) ''Veneziano amplitude from Moyal string field theories ''
28 NOV Thanksgiving holiday
05 DEC Marcus Spradlin (UCSB) ''Stringy aspects of AdS/CFT''
12 DEC Autumn Commencement

Winter Quarter 2004

09 JAN Alan Gray (OSU) ''Heavy Mesons using Lattice QCD''
16 JAN
23 JAN Tadashi Takayanagi (Harvard) ''Two dimensional type 0 string and flux background''
30 JAN David Sahakyan (UChicago) ''Little String Theory and Heterotic/Type II duality''
06 FEB
13 FEB Martin Kruczenski (Brandeis) "Spin chains and string theory"
20 FEB Cliff Burgess (McGill) "Brane Cosmology"
27 FEB Richard Talaga (Argonne) "Detecting Neutrinos from Supernovae"
05 MAR
12 MAR Giulia Zanderighi (fnal) "An effective theory approach to unstable particle production"
19 MAR Winter Commencement

Spring Quarter 2004

02 APR Anastasia Volovich (Harvard) "Yang-Mills amplitudes from B-model in twistor space"
09 APR Andrei Onishchenko (Wayne) "Anomalous dimensions of Wilson operators in theories with extended supersymmetry"
16 APR Evgeny Buchbinder (IAS) "Moduli Stabilization in Heterotic M Theory"
23 APR
30 APR Mike Duff (UMichigan) (*12:00*) "Hidden symmetries and generlized holonomy in M-theory"
07 MAY
14 MAY Masataka Okamoto (Fermilab) "Semileptonic decays of D and B mesons from unquenched lattice QCD"
21 MAY A.C. Kalloniatis (Adelaide) "Confinement, chiral symmetry and U(1) bosons in the domain model of the QCD vacuum"
28 MAY Rainer Wallny (UCLA) "The CDF Silicon Detector: Status and Results"
04 JUN Rob Myers (Perimeter) "Cosmic Superstrings II"
11 JUN

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