Ohio State Department of Physics

HEP/Astro Journal Club - Friday, 6 December 2002

Towards more precise lattice simulation of B physics

Dr. Matthew Wingate (Ohio State)


Work is underway to more precisely calculate matrix elements relevant to B and Bs decays. Two new developments lead us to expect that our results will constitute a significant step forward in precision. Firstly, discoveries and innovations of the past few years have made it possible to perform Monte Carlo lattice QCD simulations with nearly realistic sea quark content, made possible by using an improved staggered quark action. Secondly, we have demonstrated the viability of combining staggered actions with standard heavy quark formulations such as NRQCD (hep-lat/0211014). These new steps will be discussed, and preliminary unquenched results will be shown.

12:30, Smith Lab 4079

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