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HEP/Astro Seminar -- Wednesday, 05 April 2000

Heavy Quark Production in Perturbative QCD

Wu-Ki Tung, (Michigan State)


The standard QCD parton formalism used by many global analyses and Monte Carlo programs apply the zero-mass approximation to all "partons", including charm and bottom quarks above their production thresholds. On the other hand, most recent NLO heavy quark (say, Q) calculations treat M_Q as a large parameter and always consider Q as a "heavy particle", never as a parton, even when the energy scale of the physical process is much larger than M_Q. By their very nature, these two contrasting approaches are both limited in their regions of applicability. The dichotomy between the two can be resolved naturally in a unified PQCD formalism with full M_Q dependence, at all energies. This picture naturally reduces to the two conventional approaches in their respective region of validity. Recent applications to lepto- and hadro-production of heavy quarks are briefly summarized.

3:30pm, Smith Lab 4079

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