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HEP/Astro Seminar -- Wednesday, 31 January 2001

String breaking by dynamical fermions in lattice QCD

Howard Trottier, (Simon Frasier, Canada)


The string picture of confinement predates QCD, and continues to play a central role in theoretical efforts to characterize strong interaction physics. The search for string breaking in lattice QCD simulations with dynamical fermions has occupied large scale collaborations for many years, and yet a convincing demonstration of this phenomenon is still lacking. A simple physical picture of this situation is presented in this talk, along with the suggestion that simulations on coarse lattices using improved actions offer an extremely efficient means for observing string breaking. These ideas are tested against simulations of three-dimensional lattice QCD (on very small computers), a theory which offers an excellent laboratory for studying the physics of real QCD.

3:30pm, Smith Lab 1094

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