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Hep/Astro Seminar -- Wednesday 2nd March, 2000

The Axial Symmetry Restoration In a Chiral Random Matrix Model

G. Papp (Kent State)


I construct a Chiral Random Matrix Model (ChRMM) which takes into account both the zero and near-zero modes of the QCD Dirac operator. At finite temperature, the zero modes are not affected by temperature but are allowed to pair into topologically neutral near-zero modes which are gapped at high temperature. In equilibrium, in this ChRMM chiral and U(1) symmetry are simultaneously restored for total pairing. Finally, I analyze a number of susceptibilities versus the light quark masses. At the transition point the topological susceptibility vanishes, and the dependence on the vacuum angle $\theta$ drops out. The results are briefly contrasted with recent lattice simulations.

3:30pm, Smith Lab 4079

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