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HEP/Astro Seminar -- Friday, 14 April 2000

Aspects of 6d, N=(2,0) Effective Field Theory

Kenneth A. Intriligator, (UCSD, IAS)


I will discuss the mysterious 6d, interacting conformal field theory, with maximal supersymmetry, which arises in various contexts in string and M theory duality. I will focus on aspects of the low energy effective field theory, when conformal invariance is spontaneously broken by giving expectation values to scalars in this theory. A new kind of Wess Zumino term arises. It is also pointed out that there are skyrmionic strings solitons, which are proposed to correspond to the "W-boson" strings of the mysterious, non-Abelian version of two-form gauge theories.

2:00pm, Smith Lab 4079

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