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HEP/Astro Journal Club, Friday 28th January 2000

Scalar Quartic Couplings in Type IIB Supergravity on AdS_5\times S^5.

Sergey Frolov (U. of Alabama)


All quartic couplings of scalar fields $s^I$ that are dual to extended 
chiral primary operators in ${\cal N}=4$ SYM$_4$ are derived by using the 
covariant equations of motion for type IIB supergravity on $AdS_5\times S^5$.
It is shown that despite some expectations if one keeps the structure of 
the cubic terms untouched, the quartic action obtained contains terms with 
$two$ and $four$ derivatives. 
It is shown that the quartic action vanishes on shell in
the extremal case, e.g. $k_1=k_2+k_3+k_4$.
Consistency of the truncation of the quartic couplings to the 
massless multiplet of the ${\cal N}=8$, $d=5$ supergravity 
is proven and the explicit values of the couplings are found. 
It is argued that the consistency of the KK reduction implies 
non-renormalization of $n$-point functions of $n-1$ operators dual
to the fields from the massless multiplet and one operator dual to
a field from a massive multiplet. 

Note time 12:30pm, Smith Lab 4079

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