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HEP/Astro Seminar -- Wednesday, 28 March 2001

Muon g-2: A probe of short-distance physics

Andrzej Czarnecki (Alberta)


The Brookhaven experiment E821 has recently announced a new measurement of the muon anomalous magnetic moment (g-2), which differs from the theoretical prediction by 2.6 sigma. I will review the Standard Model prediction and uncertainties in the QED, hadronic and electroweak contributions. Possible explanations of the theory vs. experiment discrepancy, due to supersymmetric loop effects and other ``New Physics'' scenarios, will be discussed.


H. N. Brown, et al., Muon g-2 Collaboration, ``Precise measurement of the positive muon anomalous magentic moment,'' hep-ex/0102017

A. Czarnecki and W. J. Marciano, ``The muon anomalous magnetic moment: A harbinger for `new physics','' hep-ph/0102122

15:30, Smith Lab 4079

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