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HEP/Astro Journal Club -- Friday, 26 May 2000

Recent structure functions results from neutrino scattering at Fermilab

Bonnie T. Fleming, (Columbia)


We report on the extraction of the structure functions F2, ΔxF3 = xF3ν - xF3(nubar), and Rlong = σL / σT from CCFR neutrino-nucleon differential cross sections. The extraction is performed in a physics model independent (PMI) way for the first time. The F2 (PMI) values measured in the CCFR neutrino experiment are in good agreement with the F2 (NMC) measured in muon scattering above Q2 = 1 GeV2, thus resolving the long-standing discrepancy between the two sets of data. Comparison of the two sets of data below Q2 = 1 GeV2, which provides information on the axial vector contribution is also presented. The CCFR values for Rlong are in good agreement with muon and electron data for x>0.1. For x<0.1, Rlong for neutrinos is somewhat larger than Rlong from muon and electron scattering, as expected from the difference in charm production contributions. We also report on an investigation of Rlong in neutrino scattering for possible anomalous large nuclear effects (at low x and Q2<1 GeV2) of the type recently reported by the HERMES collaboration in electron scattering.

2:30pm, Smith Lab 4079

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