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Hep/Astro Seminar -- Wednesday 16th February, 2000

AdS/CFT correspondence: 2- and 3-point functions of chiral operators in maximally supersymmetric CFTs

Fiorenzo Bastianelli (U. of Bologna, Italy)


The AdS/CFT correspondence is used to calculate 2- and 3-point functions of chiral operators in certain maximally supersymmetric strongly coupled CFTs. These CFTs are related to the low energy dynamics of D3, M2 and M5 branes of string/M theory. The D3 case correspond to d=4, N=4 SU(N) super Yang Mills theory at large N, while the other two cases are related to more exotic CFTs living in three and six dimensions. These various cases are treated simultaneously by using a gravitational action in arbitrary dimension D, coupled to a (p+1)-form and suitably compactified on AdS(D-p-2)xS(p+2).

3:30pm, Smith Lab 4079

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