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The Electronics Lab (Elli)

Welcome to the Electronics Lab Home Page.


Our Lab

We are a support group of the Physics Department at The Ohio State University.


Our mailing address is:
        Physics Research Building, Rm 3175
        Physics Department
        The Ohio State University
        191 West Woodruff Ave.
        Columbus, OH 43210

Our Telephone Numbers are:
        Lab (614)292-9929
        Fax (614)292-1973

What we do

In general, we work on electronics used in the research efforts of the faculty. Design, production, testing, and repairing custom electronics is our major emphasis. Projects range from very low noise pre amps, to high speed digital control systems. While many projects consist of single units, thousands of identical channels of some designs have been produced. Our electronics is used in solid state research, atomic and molecular studies, and high energy physics experiments. To learn more about some of our projects, go to our Job Index.


Who we are

The Electronics Lab Staff is made up of many people. To see a list and/or contact anyone in our group, go to our Group List.


Online Catalogs

Some links to companies like motorola, maxim, etc. check these out at the Elli Databook.
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