Local Sun Position

Calculated for Columbus, Ohio


One first has to find the accurate longitude and latitude for Columbus. One can do this from the US Census maps. This yields longitude: 40.10127= 40 degres 6 minutes 5 seconds latitude: 83.05929= 83 degrees 5 minutes 3 seconds.

Next one goes to the NOAA Solar calculators. As a back check click on sunrise and sunset calculator. Select Enter Long/Lat->, type in the longitude and latitude, set UTC=5 and check daylight savings time. Click on calculate. Look at sunrise and sunset. These can be checked with the values at the weather channel.

Now we can calculate the solar elevation. On the NOAA site click on the Solar Postion calculator. Enter the numbers as you did for sunrise and sunset. Enter the time of day you are interested in. Then hit calculate. At this time the sun's height is given by the Solar Elevation box. To find out the wedge angle you should take 90 degrees minus this solar elevation.