DAQ Motherboard (DMB)

The DMB serves as a link to the central DAQ of CMS. There is one DMB for each CSC module. The readout of the data from each CFEB is initiated by the DMB. The bits that indicate which of the CFEB boards contain SCA-stored analog data are received from the TMB board and passed back to the CFEB. Digitization of the SCA samples will begin on the CFEB's if the bit(s) are time-correlated with the Level-1 accept. The stored samples within a time window of 400 ns for all channels on the CFEB are digitized. The digitized data is sent to the FIFO to the DMB and transfered by optical link to the central DAQ. Click here for a detailed descrition of the Data Acquisistion Process.

The DMB also act as interface to Slow control. The interfaced functions include downloading of the FPGA and DSP programs, resetting of the readout controller on the CFEB's, downloading calibration information, downloading commands for turnning off bad channels, monitoring of low voltage levels and temperature. JTAG will be used for the slow control.