Seminars are presented at 11:30 AM in the Smith Seminar Room (1080 Physics Research Building)

Date Presenter Institution Title
28 September 2006 Patrick M. Woodward The Ohio State University Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Complex Perovskites: Predicting Structure and Controlling Properties
12 October 2006 Allen M. Goldman University of Minnesota Control of Superconductivity Using the Electric Field Effect
26 October 2006 Bret Heinrich Simon Fraser University Seminar postponed until April 5, 2007
9 November 2006 Nitin Samarth Pennsylvania State University Looking for spin in all the wrong places
30 November 2006 Randall M. Feenstra Carnegie Mellon University Wide Bandgap Semiconductors: Surfaces, Films, and Porous Layers
11 January 2007 Robert W. Collins University of Toledo Real time polarization spectroscopies: Applications in thin film growth and surfaces for photovoltaics
25 January 2007 Mark A. Eriksson The University of Wisconsin, Madison Quantum Electronics in Si/SiGe
8 February 2007 Yicheng Lu Rutgers University Multifunctional ZnO and its Nanostructures for Broad Device Applications
22 February 2007 William Rippard NIST Boulder Controlling and Manipulating Nanomagnets with DC Spin-polarized Currents
15 March 2007 Andrew Kent New York University Quantum tunneling of magnetization in single molecule magnets
5 April 2007 Bret Heinrich Simon Fraser University CANCELLED
19 April 2007 John Clarke University of California, Berkeley Flux Qubits: Controllable Coupling and 1/f Flux Noise
3 May 2007 Joseph W. Orenstein University of California, Berkeley POSTPONED until May 31, 2007
10 May 2007 Rosa Alejandra Lukaszew University of Toledo Issues in nano-magnetism
17 May 2007 Roland Kawakami University of California, Riverside Spin polarized transport in carbon nanostructures and molecular beam epitaxy growth of graphene
31 May 2007 Joseph W. Orenstein University of California, Berkeley The persistent spin helix: spin propagation in a two-dimensional electron gas