18 November 200410:30 am
4079 Smith Lab
Xiaohui Qiu,
IBM TJ Watson Research Lab
STM study of organic molecules on surfaces: learning about molecules at the single-molecule level Abstract
19 January 200510:00 am
4079 Smith Lab
J. C. Seamus Davis,
Cornell University
Gutzwiller Projection, Bias-Asymmetry and 'Checkerboard' Electronic Crystal States in Cuprates Abstract
12 May 200510:30 am
4138 PRB
Mark A. Eriksson,
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Silicon Quantum Dots and Nanomembranes: Tools for Quantum Information? Abstract
19 May 200510:30 am
4138 PRB
Ania C. Bleszynski,
Harvard University
Imaging Electrons in Low Dimensional Nanostructures Abstract
25 May 200511:30 am
260 Dreese Lab
Marek Skowronski,
Carnegie Mellon, Materials Science
Degradation of hexagonal silicon carbide-based bipolar devices Abstract
26 May 200510:30 am
4138 PRB
Mikhail Strzhemechny,
Ukrainian Academy of Science, Kharkov
Effect of Rotational Motion on the Conduction Properties of Molecular Semiconductors Abstract