20 May 200410:30
Smith 4079
Luisa Ciobanu
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
NMR microimaging and microspectroscopy: development and applications Abstract
21 January 20042:00
Smith 1094
Alex Rimberg
Rice University
Real-Time Electron Counting in Semiconductor Nanostructures Abstract
5 January 200411:30
Smith 4079
Rachel Goldman
University of Michigan
Nanometer-Scale Structure and Properties of Dilute Semiconductor Alloys Abstract
10 December 200310:30
Smith 4079
Yu Huang
Integrated Nanoscale Electronics and Optoelectronics: Exploring Nanoscale Science and Technology through Semiconductor Nanowires Abstract
4 December 200311:30
Smith 1094
Raffi Budakian
IBM Almaden Research Center
Towards Single-Spin Detection Using Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy Abstract
15 October 200310:30
Smith 4079
Gleb Kakazey
Ohio State University
Dipolar interactions and spin waves in periodic arrays of micron-size magnetic dots Abstract
1 October 200310:30
Smith 4079
Claudia Mewes
Univ. Kaiserslautern
Decoherence and its suppression in collective quantum memories Abstract
8 September 200311:30
Smith 1094
Gerard Milburn
Univ. of Queensland
Quantum limited measurements of solid state qubitsAbstract