22 May 200310:30
Smith 4079
Dr. Keith Schwab Nanomechanics and Single Electronics: Putting the mechanics back into Quantum Mechanics Abstract
17 April 20033:30
Smith 4079
Dr. Daniel F. V. James Quantum Computing Abstract
5 February 200310:30
Smith 4079
Dr. Ivar Martin Physical models of quantum measurement Abstract
10 January 200310:30
Smith 4079
Dr. Sung-Ik Lee MgB2 Abstract
20 November 200210:30
Smith 4079
Dr. Ursula EbelsCircular magnetic elements: Ground states, reversal and diplar interactions
29 October 20022:00
Smith 4079
Dr. Palash BanerjeeMetastable Helium Atom Scattering Studies of the Antiferromagnetic CoO(001) Surface Abstract
23 September 200211:30
Smith 4079
Dr. Tim MewesThe exchange bias effect of epitaxial Ni_{81}Fe_{19}/Fe_{50}Mn_{50}-bilayers Abstract