Nanoscience at Work: Imaging and Manipulation at Atomic and Molecular Scale

Saw-Wai Hla

Ohio University, USA.

We combine a variety of scanning tunneling microscope (STM) manipulation schemes with tunneling spectroscopy techniques to image and manipulate properties of atoms and molecules on surfaces. This talk will include our recentresults and achievements: In spintronic area, we will show that a magnetized STMtip can be used not only to manipulate individual atoms maintaining magneticcontrast but also imaging of their spin directions is possible [1]. In nanoscale superconductivity area, we will present the smallest molecular superconductor ever studied to date. Here, the finding of superconductivity in just four pairs of (BETS)2­GaCl4 molecules opens the possibility of investigating superconductid rotations of locally[2]. In molecular machines area, entangled and synchronizeng phenomena artificial molecular rotors operated by using the electric field from an STM tip will be presented. These experiments are innovative, and are tailored to address several critical issues covering both for fundamental understanding, and for demonstration of novel atom/molecule based nanodevices.

[1]. D. Serrate, P. Ferriani, Y. Yoshida, S.-W. Hla, M. Menzel, K. von Bergmann, S. Heinze, A. Kubetzka, and R. Wiesendanger. Imaging and Manipulating the Spin Direction of Individual Atoms. Nature Nanotechnology 5 (2010) 350-354.
[2]. K. Clark, A. Hassanien, S. Khan, K.-F. Braun, H. Tanaka, and S.-W. Hla. Superconductivity in Just Four Pairs of (BETS)2-GaCl4 Molecules. Nature Nanotechnology 5 (2010) 261-265.