Necronomicon: Psalm 23
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Subject: The _Necronomicon_, Psalm 23
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Date: 20 Sep 89 23:30:16 GMT
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      When TOR Books got a new computer typesetter, they used this as a test
                The Necronomicon, Psalm 23

1.      Cthulhu is my swimming coach; I shall not want.

2.      He maketh me to lie down in comfortable craftmatic beds; he leadeth
  me beside the open bar; he restoreth my soul.

3.      Yea, though I skulk through the valley of greatly disgruntled employers,
  I will fear no evil. For thou, O Cthulhu, art with me, thy snorkel and
  flippers they comfort me.
4.      Thou preparest a stiff drink for me in the presence of my enemies;
  thou anointest my gills with Coppertone; my Flintstones jelly glass runneth
5.      Surely expensive European vacations, marital bliss, and winning Lotto
  tickets will follow me the rest of my life; and I shall dwell in the
  pressurized underwater dome of Cthulhu forever.
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