Here are the photos I got through Al Bartlett.

I did a web search and found that Michael Long Truck & Crane Hire is Galway-based and so is Walsh Recovery. Then I found out this occurred at Roundstone Pier, Connemara, County Galway, Ireland in September, 2004. After you’ve had a laugh, you can read more about it ...

I know this last one is a fake (that is one reason why we study physics, to learn how the outriggers/stabilizers prevent this), but I liked it so much I put it in anyway.

The fake is not really very well done. The people on the plaza are in the same locations as an earlier shot that was used to make this fake. Photoshop allows people to do a lot of things, even if not well, but it is a funny idea anyway.

I found a site describing the October accident that is copied here:

The right tool for the job?

November 26, 2004
On a Saturday night last month, a car rolled off of the pier in Roundstone, Co Galway Ireland and into the water.
Amazing what you catch if the hook and rod is big enough
Walsh’s Recovery was called to extract the car from the harbour. Up she comes or....Maybe....
Now was the crane too small or was it badly set up or both? I guess the operator was not ALLMI certified? ...Not in she goes, thank you for remote controls
Oh Dear!
With two vehicles now clogging the harbour, Michael Long truck and crane hire was called, they arrived with a much larger Palfinger crane and the Harbour was eventually cleared. Now that's a LorryLoader!
Fortunately and amazingly no one was hurt in the chain of events, from the car driver who was pulled to safety by bystanders, to the Walsh’s operator who had been on the truck bed earlier, to the audience standing in the way. Hooray and up she rises, not exactly a hard hat area, is it!
One of the local observations was that no police or Gardai were present during the recovery.”

The Garda are the Irish police.

On a bulletin board, someone posted a list of mistakes:

Parked at an angle to the load force.
Pulling the load over the front wheel.
No stabiliser.
Spectators standing between vehicle and load.
No guide ropes on load.

Finally, from someone who might know the REAL story:

“End of Season:
“We have certainly have had our ups and downs in the village this year what with somebody falling off the village wall, thank god not killed, and then in the wee hours of Saturday morning, a car goes into the Harbour, with a young man at the wheel, the car landed upside down and if it was not for the vigilance Mary King who alerted Sean de Courcey, Sean, fair play to him, pulled this man out of the car, which was nearly totally submerged in the tide and pulled him to safety, what ever way you look at it, Sean saved his life, yet again another near fatal accident, and then I suppose on the slightly humorous side and to add insult to injury, a tow truck was called out to pull the car out, now get this, the truck fell in while trying to lift the car, no don’t worry there was no one in it, it was remote controlled, but the machine was not heavier enough to lift the car out, therefore, a proper professional machine had to be called in, and the job was done, no loss of life, what was interesting the amount of people that came to have a look at this task you would think we had another social event going on .

“I am just wondering if their had been a Garda presence could this accident have been prevented, or is it going to take a fatal accident for the powers that be to sit up and arrange for Garda Presence particular in the months of July and August, its time to fight again for a Guard, but I feel the whole community is going to have to have a strong input re this important matter this time, if we are going to improve on the villages image. It’s not all doom and gloom we have had some great events and fun for tourists and us alike.
“All the events that did take place during the summer for our visitors and locals, feed back have been very positive.”