Selected Presentations

Selected Presentations, 1998 - present


Talk, The Contemporary Physics Education Project: 25 Years of Communicating the Wonder of Physics,Ohio State University Emeritus Academy, 3 June 2015.

Poster, Dealing with still more climate myths, American Association of Physics Teachers Winter Conference, San Diego, California, 5 January 2015.


Invited Talk, The updated CPEP particles chart: adding the Higgs boson and possible future discoveries, Appalachian Section meeting, Frostburg State University, 1 November 2014.

PER Colloquium, The challenges of working with middle school teachers, Purdue University, 19 September 2014.

Poster, Dealing with more climate myths, American Association of Physics Teachers Summer Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 28 July 2014.

Poster, Climate Myths, American Association of Physics Teachers Winter Conference, Orlando, Florida, 6 January 2014.


Workshop, Teaching with the Contemporary Physics Education Project chart on particles and interactions, InterAmerican Conference on Physics Education, 1, 2, and 5 July 2013.

Physics Colloquium, The need for sense in dealing with "controversial" scientific issues , Marietta College, 5 April 2013.


Talk, Fracking 101, talk for Sustainable Delaware, Beeghly Library, Ohio Wesleyan University, 22 April 2012.

Talk, All of the above, talk for Sustainable Delaware, Beeghly Library, Ohio Wesleyan University, 6 May 2012.

Poster, Ten reasons to give credence to anthropogenic climate change, presented at the World Conference on Physics Education, Istanbul, 5 July 2012.

Talk, A journey through time with the Higgs particle, Science Pub, Columbus, Ohio, 2 October 2012.

TEDx Talk, Is the future in nuclear?, 5 October 2012.


Contributed talk, Letters to the editor of the local paper: A scientific responsibility, OS/APS meeting, 16 April 2011.

Contributed talk, Nine reasons for accepting human-caused climate change, SOS/AAPT meeting, 1 October 2011.

Contributed talk, Communicating the science of climate change and nuclear physics, SOS/AAPT meeting, 1 October 2011.

Contributed talk, Changing the way teaching occurs in an American middle school, ICPE meeting, Mexico City, 18 August 2011.

Colloquium, University of Toledo, Thinking about anthropogenic climate change, Toledo, Ohio, 27 October 2011.


Invited Talk, Can Science help counter Suspicion of the Consequences of Climate Change?, AAPT Winter Meeting, Washington, DC, 16 February 2010.

Poster, Is writing letters to the editor effective?, AAPT Winter meeting, Washington, DC, 16 February 2010.


Talk, Particle Physics for Everyone, AAPT Winter meeting, Chicago, Illinois, 15 February 2009

Talk, Working to have an IMPACT, AAPT Winter meeting, Chicago, Illinois, 15 February 2009

Talk, Everything you wanted to know about the LHC but were afraid to ask, Science Café, Marion, Ohio 4 March 2009

Talk, Energy and the Global Economy, Great Decisions, Delaware, Ohio, 6 March 2009

Poster, Global GreenPrint, AAPT Summer meeting, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 28 July 2009.

Poster, Long-term astronomy observation in middle school, Physics Education Research Conference, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 29-30 July 2009.

Talk, Plenary talk on Physics by Inquiry, InterAmerican Confeence on Physics Education, Medellín, Colombia, 9 July 2009.

Talk, The future of nuclear energy: Is nuclear energy going to be a part of future energy supplies?, Columbus Futurists, 20 August 2009.


Talk, How can we determine what’s hard for physics by inquiry students?, AAPT Winter meeting, Baltimore, 29 January 2008

Talk, The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: What do they have to tell the world?, Science Cafe, Columbus, 2 April 2008

Invited Talk, How can the world respond to the twilight of the era of cheap energy?, AAPT Summer meeting, Edmonton, 28 July 2008

Talk, How can scientists best communicate science to the public?, AAPT Summer meeting, Edmonton (invited panel, later changed to contributed), 28 July 2008


Talk, Student Evaluation Differences between Different Physics by Inquiry Courses, AAPT Winter meeting

Talk, What the 2007 Reports of the IPCC mean, AAPT Summer meeting, Greensboro, NC, 28 July 2007


Invited Talk, America's sources of energy-what will the future be?, AAPT Summer meeting, Syracuse

Talk, Nuclear energy is the short-term solution to the energy problem, Context XIX, Columbus, Ohio


Talk, Inquiry, Learning, and Teaching, Jearl Walker Outstanding Teaching Award Ceremony, 29 April 2005

Poster, What went wrong at Davis-Besse: Ohio’s PWR goes down for a long count, Ohio Section, American Physical Society meeting, Wayne State University, April


Poster at PERC, Contrasts in student understanding of simple E&M questions in two countries

Poster at PERC, Can inquiry experiences in physics class change students' preconceptions about teaching?

Colloquium, The 2003 Blackout, Cleveland State University, 1 October 2004


Talk, Changes in Physics by Inquiry teaching at Ohio State University, AAPT Winter meeting

Talk, May the force be with you: student explanations of forces on charges in magnetic fields, Ohio Section, APS, April 2003

Talk, Getting students to come to grips with the meaning of division, Ohio Section, APS, April 2003

Talk, Global Warming, Marcon, 24 May 2003

Talk, Nuclear proliferation through coal burning, Marcon, 25 May 2003

Talk, Proliferation of nuclear weapons through use of coal-fired electricity?, AAPT Summer meeting

Poster, Extending student knowledge of division, AAPT Summer meeting

Poster, Experience with teacher-provided homework solutions in an algebra-based physics course, AAPT Summer meeting

Poster, Using a spreadsheet workbook to enhance student learning, AAPT Summer meeting

Poster, The Contemporary Physics Education Project: Classroom support for teaching about energy issues, AAPT Summer meeting

Poster, Student understanding of forces on charges in magnetic fields, AAPT Summer meeting

Poster, Preservice education students’ knowledge of division: In need of buttressing, Physics Education Research Conference 2003


Talk, Student ranking of atomic models, AAPT Winter meeting

Poster, Student choices of models of the atom, AAPT Winter meeting

Talk, “Intelligent Design” and Ohio, Southern Ohio Section, AAPT meeting

Seminar, Climate Change, Human Activity, and World Population, Goddard Institute of Space Science, Columbia University

Poster, How much oil?, AAPT Summer meeting

Talk, Utility screening curves; changes and their implications, AAPT Summer meeting

Poster, Was electric deregulation a bust?, Ohio Section, APS, October 2003

Talk, Radiation and units, Ohio Section, APS, October 2003

Talk, Consequences of economic decisions on emissions, Ohio Section, APS, October 2003

Workshop, The nucleus in the classroom, Ohio Section, APS, October 2003

Talk, Human Activity and World Population: Any connection to Global Warming?, Central Ohioans for Rational Inquiry, November, 2002


Invited talk, In-service Teacher Training in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, from VIII IACPE, Porto Alegre, Brazil, AAPT Winter meeting

Invited talk, Models of the structure of matter Why should we care what students think?, MSaTERS Conference, May 2001


Talk, Quantization, David May, AAPT Winter 2000

Talk, Facets and students, AAPT Winter 2000

Talk, On the occassion of the retirement of Peter Lindenfeld from Rutgers University, April 2000

Final report on NSF Grant 9950528, working to use information gathered from interviewing prospective teachers about mathematics and nuclear topics to create pedagogical materials on these topics for teachers.

Talk, Facets, AAPT Winter meeting

Talk, Framework for understanding student conceptions by Tom Kassebaum, AAPT Summer meeting, 2001


Paper, Science Teacher, TIMSS from January, 1999

Talk, Breaking the whole into its parts: categorizing items on a survey of student ideas about quantization, APS Centennial meeting, March, 1999

Talk, CPEP , APS Centennial meeting, March, 1999

Talk, Student concepts of quantization, OS/APS meeting by David May, April 1999

Talk, Using facets in analyzing survey data from a project to investigate student concepts of quantization and the photon, OS/APS meeting, April, 1999

Talk, Introductory students’ ideas about quantization and the photon, at AAPT San Antonio meeting, August, 1999



Student Understanding of the Photon Concept: Faculty Expectations, AAPT Winter 1998

Talk, Activities to Supplement the Nuclear Science Wallchart, APS meeting, April, 1998

Talk, Student conceptions of quantization and the photon, OS/APS October, 1998

David May talk on student conceptions, OS/APS October, 1998

Invited talk, Teaching Contemporary Physics in the Introductory Course, North Carolina Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers, November, 1998

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