The InterAmerican Council on Physics Education

The InterAmerican Council on Physics Education

NEW! Announcement of the 2012 Conference at Instituto de Ciencias Físicas ESPOL, in Guayaquil, Ecuador in July, 2012, dates to be announced soon.

A Brief History of the IACPE

some Current Council Members

Information from the Xth InterAmerican Conference, Medellin, Colombia (2009)

The 2009 Conference webpage:

Spanish/Español and also here English

Information from the IXth InterAmerican Conference, San José, Costa Rica (2006)

San José, Costa Rica in English or Spanish .

Reports of the 2006 Conference Working Groups.

Information from the VIIIth InterAmerican Conference, Habana, Cuba (2003)

Information from the VIIth InterAmerican Conference, Canela, Brazil (2000)Final Report: pdf file (requires Acrobat Reader, free download),

information from the working groups,

Minutes of the Council Meetings.

Information from the VIth InterAmerican Conference, Cordoba, Argentina (1997) in English or Spanish

Information from the Vth InterAmerican Conference, College Station, Texas (1994) (Report of PER Working Group)

Information from the IVth InterAmerican Conference, Caracas, Venezuela (1991), is found in C. L. Ladera, ed., the Proceedings of the Second Inter-American Conference on Physics Education/Memorias de Conferencia Interamericana sobre Educacion en Fisica (Universidad Simon Bolivar: Caracas, Venezuela, 1993) [2 volumes].

Information from the IIIrd InterAmerican Conference, Oaxtepec, Mexico, is found in J. Barojas, ed., Cooperative Networks in Physics Education (American Institute of Physics: New York, 1988)

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