The Linac Coherent Light Source - The World's First Hard X-ray Free Electron Laser

M.E. (Bill) White
SLAC, Stanford

Abstract: The Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) will be the worlds first x-ray free electron laser to reach the 1.5-15 Angstrom (0.8 8.0 keV) range. Ultrafast pulses of x-rays will be produced with a brightness that is millions of times higher than current synchrotron light sources. Experiments on the LCLS will image the atomic structure and dynamics of matter with atomic and electronic spatial and temporal resolution. Based on the last kilometer of the SLAC Linac, a new high brightness injector and two bunch compressors have already been added and commissioned. During the current commissioning phase we will be taking beam through the undulator and producing the first x-ray pulses. The first experiments will be commissioned during the summer of 2009 and user experiments will begin shortly thereafter.