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Transfer Credit Information

  • Admissions
      For information on how to apply to Ohio State, honors programs, financial aid, and where to send your transcripts, visit the Department of Physics admissions webpage for more information.
  • Course Transfer Information
      Visit to find out which courses from other colleges and universities transfer directly to Ohio State.
  • Understanding your transfer credit report
  • Getting transfer credit from other areas of study evaluated
      Some students come in with general credit from many different areas of study. In order to get the credit to apply to a specific course at OSU, students must visit the department in question. To get a complete list of contact information for the transfer credit coordinator in each department at OSU, visit:
  • Physics AP Credit Evaluation & Placement Exams
  • Getting your Physics credit evaluated
      If you receive special, technical, or general transfer credit for a course that's been taken at another institution, please contact the Department of Physics at (614-292-6086), or go to Smith Lab, room 1036 to get this credit evaluated.

      In order to evaluate your transfer credit for specific courses within physics, copies of the following items must be submitted before you meet with the Transfer Credit Advisor:

      • Course Description
      • Syllabus or Assignment Sheet
      • Author and name of textbook
      • Transfer Credit Report

      Other material that might be useful for your evaluation:

      • course website address
      • samples of examinations (quizzes, midterms, final exam)

      Bring your documents to Smith Lab Room 1036. You can also fax (at 614-292-1459) a copy of the documents and information listed above. After the documents are received, you can then schedule an appointment with the Transfer Credit Advisor, Dr. Ziegler:

        Dr. Mike Ziegler
        Office Hours for Credit Evaluations: Tues. & Thurs. 10:30-11:30AM & 1:30-4:00PM
        Office: Smith Lab, Room 1036 A
        Phone: 614-292-2067


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