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Undergraduate Physics at The Ohio State University

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Graduation Information for Physics and Engineering Physics Majors

Applying for Graduation

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! You've worked hard to earn it, and there are only a few steps remaining until you are approved for graduation! In order to be certified for graduation, please follow these steps:
  • Visit the Physics Graduation Materials Website to find graduation papework and the graduation survey. This website also includes a detailed checklist for the graduation process.
  • Once your graduation paperwork and graduation survey are complete, please make an appointment with one of the physics advisors to get your major program form signed.
  • In addition to the two steps above, Arts & Sciences physics majors will also need to make an appointment with their College Advisor. This will be done after the major program form has been signed by a physics advisor.

Employment Information for Physics & Engineering Physics Majors

Looking for a job? It is recommended that students start their job search 6-8 months prior to graduation. This means that if you are graduating in June, you should start your job search in October. The first step to your job search should be to register with Career Services.

OSU offers many career fairs that Physics & Engineering Physics majors should take advantage of. Career fairs are great because it puts students face-to-face with potential employers, some of which will schedule interviews with students on the spot. The following career fairs are recommended for Physics & Engineering Physics majors (and are open to all students at OSU):
  • Engineering Career Expo (early October)
  • Life Sciences Career Fair (October)
  • Government Career Fair (October)
  • Environmental Career Expo (January)
  • Nonprofit Career Fair (February)
  • SWE Engineering Career Fair (February)
  • Spring Career Day (April)
Additional information about these career fairs can be found on the website for Career Services.

Graduate School Materials

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