Girls Reaching to Achieve in Sports & Physics (GRASP)

1st Annual GRASP Summer Camp
June 23 - June 27, 2008

2008 GRASP Activities

Monday June 23
Tuesday June 24
Wednesday June 25
Thursday June 26
Friday June 27
Pictured left: The participants and volunteers of the 2008 GRASP summer camp.


Program Leaders

Society of Women in Physics Officers (2007-2008)
Jessica Hanzlik President
Katie Malone Vice President
Lindsey Perry Treasurer
Society of Women in Physics officers (left to right): Lindsey Perry, Jessica Hanzlik, Katie Malone


2008 GRASP Contributors & Volunteers

GRASP Presenters
Presenter Day Lecture/Demo
Dr. Richard Hughes Monday Catapults
Dr. Nandini Trivedi Tuesday Superconductivity
Dr. Brian Winer Wednesday Flight
Dr. Fred Kuehn Thursday Outer Space and Rockets
Dr. Linn Van Woerkom Friday "Things you Should Never Put in a Microwave"

The Society of Women in Physics would like to thank all the presenters for their wonderful lectures and demonstrations.

Special Thanks

Thanks to the Frontiers in Optical Coherent and Ultrafast Science (FOCUS) Group at the University of Michigan for help in funding this event


Dr. Lou DiMauro
Dr. Leonard Jossem
Dr. Sandra Doty
Kristina Kennedy
Harold Whitt
John Langkals

The Society of Women in Physics would especially like to thank Robin Wyatt - we could not have done it without you!


Liana Bonanno
Kate Grier
Doug Schaefer
David Albani
Amy Javorek
Rachel Mauk
Elizabeth Kennedy
Cancan Zhang
Whitney Wyatt