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Undergraduate Physics at The Ohio State University

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Academic Advising for Physics & Engineering Physics Majors

Interested in majoring in physics or engineering physics? If so, please contact Lindsey Thaler, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies, at or 614-247-1635 to schedule an appointment.

Department of Physics Advising

The following advisors are responsible for advising all Arts & Sciences Physics Majors and all Engineering Physics Majors.

  • Faculty Advisor
      Dr. Richard Hughes
      Vice-Chair for Undergraduate Studies
      Phone: 614-292-3885
      Office: 1040L Physics Research Building

  • Academic Advisor
      Lindsey Thaler
      Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies
      Phone: 614-247-1635
      Office: 1142 Physics Research Building

    Advising Structure for Arts & Sciences Physics Majors

      In addition to two department advisors (Dr. Richard Hughes & Lindsey Thaler), Arts & Sciences Physics majors will be assigned to a college advisor who will help students with General Education Curriculum (GEC) requirements. Non-honors Arts & Sciences Physics majors can set up an appointment with their college advisor by calling 614-292-6961 or by visiting the Arts & Sciences Advising Office in room 100 Denney Hall. Honors Arts & Sciences Physics majors can set up an appointment with an honors advisor by calling 614-292-5104 or by going to room 207 Enarson Hall.

    Advising Structure for Engineering Physics Majors

      The College of Engineering does not have a college advising office, so all engineering physics students should direct their academic questions toward Dr. Richard Hughes or Lindsey Thaler. Students with questions about General Education Curriculum (GEC) requirements, petitions, Degree Audit Reports, etc. should contact Lindsey Thaler.

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