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Sigma Pi Sigma: The Physics Honors Society

ΣΠΣ Constitution

Article I
The name of this organization shall be Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honors Society of the Ohio State University

Article II: Purpose & Non-Discrimination Policy
Section I
     Purpose: The objectives of this society shall be: (1) to serve as a means of awarding distinction to students having high scholarship and promise of achievement in physics; (2) to promote student interest in research and advanced study of the subject; (3) to encourage a professional spirit and friendship among those who have displayed marked ability in physics; (4) to popularize interest in physics in the general collegiate public.

Section II
     Non-Discrimination Policy: This organization and its members shall not discriminate for or against any individual for reason of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, handicap, or veteran status.

Article III: Membership
Section I
     Individual Sigma Pi Sigma Membership: Classes of individual membership in Sigma Pi Sigma shall include (a) student, (b) alumnus, and (c) honorary.

Section II
     Sigma Pi Sigma Chapter Membership: Membership in this chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma shall include all student Sigma Pi Sigma members, either in or nearby the Ohio State University, who are not active members of another Chapter. Membership shall also include alumni and Sigma Pi Sigma honorary members, either in or nearby the Ohio State University, who pay this chapter's dues and participate in its activities. Sigma Pi Sigma members may transfer their membership to another Sigma Pi Sigma chapter.

Section III: Election to Sigma Pi Sigma Membership
Clause 1
      This Sigma Pi Sigma chapter may elect into its membership, regardless of membership in or affiliation with another honor society, those students, faculty members and other qualified persons, either in or nearby the Ohio State University, who attain its standards of high scholarship in physics and other subjects and who give evidence of professional merit, proficiency, and distinction. Sigma Pi Sigma membership shall be conferred in strict accordance with standards no lower than those established by the Association of College Honor Societies Constitution. The only basis of selection shall be (a) the character, (b) the professional or scholastic records, and (c) the record of research and/or service of the candidate. Election to Sigma Pi Sigma membership is not restricted to physics majors or members of Society of Physics Students.
Clause 2
      Undergraduate candidates (a) shall have completed at least the equivalent of three semesters or five quarters of full-time college work, (b) shall have completed at least three semesters courses or five quarter courses in physics, each of which at least three credit hours of the equivalent, which may be credited toward a physics major, (c) shall not rank lower than the upper one third of their college class in overall scholarship, and (d) shall have attained at least a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 system for physics courses and for cumulative course grades in all courses. Graduate students of physics or closely related fields shall also be eligible for election to Sigma Pi Sigma membership. Graduate student candidates either (a) shall meet the requirements for undergraduate candidates, based upon the undergraduate records, or (b) shall have completed at least one year of graduate work, meeting departmental standards for satisfactory progress toward an advanced degree. Faculty members, research staff members, and other qualified individuals, either in or nearby the Ohio State University, who are in physics or closely related fields, shall be eligible for election to Sigma Pi Sigma membership on the basis of their professional record.
Clause 3
      The election of new members to Sigma Pi Sigma membership shall be conducted by the active members of this Sigma Pi Sigma chapter. The Chapter Advisor shall preside over the Sigma Pi Sigma Membership Nominating Committee, whose members shall be elected from among the active members of this Sigma Pi Sigma chapter.
Clause 4
      Candidates must comply with all requirements of membership set by the National Sigma Pi Sigma Organization.

Section IV: Sigma Pi Sigma At-Large Membership
     The President of Sigma Pi Sigma is empowered to elect to Sigma Pi Sigma at-large membership qualified persons who are not so situated that their election into Sigma Pi Sigma membership would be handled normally by this Sigma Pi Sigma Chapter.

Section V: Sigma Pi Sigma Alumnus Membership
     A Sigma Pi Sigma member who is not a student shall be designated an alumnus member for life and shall have all the rights and privileges thereof, including those of a member of an affiliated society of the American Institute of Physics.

Section VI: Sigma Pi Sigma Honorary Membership:
Clause 1
      Any person who has attained noteworthy distinction at the national level in physics or closely related fields shall be eligible for election to Sigma Pi Sigma honorary membership, regardless of whether or not that person is already a Sigma Pi Sigma member.
Clause 2
      Sigma Pi Sigma honorary members may be elected only by the Council upon recommendation either by this chapter's voting membership or by a member of the Executive Committee.
Clause 3
      Persons elected to Sigma Pi Sigma honorary membership shall have all the rights and privileges of other members of Sigma Pi Sigma, but they will not be required to pay any fees.

Section VII: Reception into Sigma Pi Sigma Membership
      This Sigma Pi Sigma chapter shall use the official procedure for the reception of persons into Sigma Pi Sigma membership. Temporary changes in the procedure in individual cases may be sanctioned by the President of Sigma Pi Sigma. The official procedure shall be that approved by the Executive Committee.

Section VIII: Alumni Contributions
      Sigma Pi Sigma alumni members may be provided periodically with the opportunity to contribute to the Society. These contributions shall be voluntary, and failure to contribute shall in no manner alter the status of any Sigma Pi Sigma member. The policies for arrangements for the solicitation and utilization of these funds shall be under the direction of the Executive Committee.

Section IX: Removal of Members
      In the event that a member does not fulfill his or her duties, or conducts themselves in a manner that does not reflect well upon Sigma Pi Sigma, this member should be reported to the Advisor. At the next scheduled meeting, present members will vote to put the member on probationary status or to remove the member from the organization.

Article IV: Organization Leadership
All officers are elected by, and from, the voting membership on an annual basis. Officers shall be elected at a scheduled meeting in April of each year, and shall take office on the first day of classes in the following academic year. Nominations shall be by open nomination prior to voting. Should an officer become ineligible to perform his/her duties, a new officer may be elected from the voting membership to serve until the regular annual elections.

Section I: President
      The President is responsible for organizing official gatherings. The President provides leadership and organization at group meetings. He or she shall serve as the Chair of the Executive Committee and the Nominating Committee.

Section II: Vice President
      The Vice President is responsible for fulfilling the duties of the President in his/her absence. The Vice President is also responsible for assisting the President, and Treasurer as needed. He or she shall serve as the Liaison Officer to the local chapter of the Society of Physics Students.

Section III: Treasurer
      The Treasurer is responsible for keeping accurate records of club funds, including those acquired or spent for acquisition of equipment and educational trips. In the absence of the President, and Vice President the Treasurer is responsible for fulfilling the duties of the President. The Treasurer shall veto any proposal, which would result in a negative balance in the treasury.

Section IV: Removal of Officers
      In the event that an officer does not fulfill his or her duties accordingly, any member should report to the advisor. A meeting will be called by the advisor for an evaluation of the officer. The present members will vote to put the officer on probationary status or to remove the officer from his/her position. If the majority of members decide the officer is not suitable for his/her position, a replacement will be elected at the meeting.

Article V: Advisor(s)
The advisor must be a full-time member of the University faculty or administrative professional staff in the Department of Physics or a co-advisor must be chosen who satisfies these above qualifications. The advisor shall provide liaison among the Chapter, the Physics Department, and the National Office of Sigma Pi Sigma.

Article VI: Meetings of the Organization
Regular meetings shall be held monthly as determined by the officers. Special meetings may be called by the President or Vice-President. There shall be at least six meetings per year.

Article VII: Method of Amending Constitution
Amendments must be proposed in a general meeting and voted upon in a subsequent meeting. In order for an amendment to be passed a two-thirds majority of the voting members (a quorum of at least four being present) is required. Such amendments shall conform to the regulations established by the National Constitution of Sigma Pi Sigma.