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A young Fair-goer explores the World of Science.

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Meet the Professor: Christopher Hirata. April 14, 2015
   Professor Christopher Hirata talked to us about his research relating to dark energy and cosmic recombination theory. He told us about the history of the universe and gave us various ideas about the future of the universe. Afterwards, we held elections.

Meet the Professor: John Beacom. March 31, 2015
   Director of CCAPP, Professor John Beacom, gave us an intriguing talk about the dawn of neutrino astronomy. He explained why neutrinos are perfect for astronomy, but are extremely hard to detect. He also went on to tell us about the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, a neutrino detector in Antarctica.

Lightning Talks. March 3, 2015
   The club enjoyed freshly made cotton candy and listened to a few short talks by various members. Michael Macuga gave a talk about food and the meaning of life and also described a way he connects science and his religious beliefs. Jonathan Timcheck talked about neural networks and artificial intelligence. Lucas Beaufore told us about the "Space Roar" and Jack Bargemann discussed the research he is working on related to gold-plated diamonds.

Meet the Professor: Rolando Valdés Aguilar. February 17, 2015
   New faculty member Dr. Rolando Valdés Aguilar discussed his research in Condensed Matter, relating to quantum materials and ultrafast optical techniques. He also answered questions about his work and his academic journey in physics.

Meet Dr. Kilcup and Learn Pool, February 3, 2015
   Dr. Kilcup, instructor for the sophomore physics sequence at Ohio State, shared his knowledge of pocket billiards in the Jones Tower lounge. He used Newtonian Mechanics to describe various phenomena on the pool table. Attendees left with a great start to their pool playing careers, not to mention a hands-on application of their physics knowledge.