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Physics 670

Energy and Technology II

Winter 2004

Assignments (PDF version)

Your grade in P670 will depend upon a combination of exams, homework, in-class participation, and a lesson plan. We ask you to do all of the problems in the book (it will not take as much time as it seems), that is 36 points. The in-class participation where you will do the activity sheets is also 36 points. The exams, two midterms at 30 points each and the final with is 45 points so it is 105 points. The lesson plan will be 30 points. It is like another midterm.

We would like the lesson plan to incorporate topics we have covered in 670 applied to the setting in which you are teaching (or expect to be teaching). Attending the videos and writing a short review of the video and your opinion of the video would be useful for us. There are 2 points for each video that we use this quarter. At the end of the course we ask that every student to critique us and give us comments on what we could make the class better. We also have the usual STE forms.

Letter from the Instructors
Exercise Solutions
World of Energy Book
World of Energy Activity Sheets
Completed Activities
Winter 2004 Lesson Plans