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Two Physics Majors Earn Honors

Allison Heinrichs (left) and Karoline Gilbert (right) have received accolades for their excellent work.

Allison Heinrichs is a lover of science who also loves writing. An honors student, Heinrichs was working part time in the Department of Astronomy when she had a conversation with Jerry Newsom, vice chair for undergraduate studies. Heinrichs learned that at Ohio State, you can create your own program of study. And she has done that, creating a program in science writing that includes honors chemistry and physics as well as a challenging program in English plus technical and creative writing.

The College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences manages a special scholarship, the Bollinger-Kissell Award for Science Writing, designed specifically to encourage students such as Allison who express a desire to become science writers. Kenneth Kissell, who provided the endowment to sponsor this scholarship, is a three-time graduate of Ohio State. He established the fund to honor his friend Loren E. Bollinger, a science columnist with the Columbus Dispatch and an instructor in Aerospace Engineering.

In addition to receiving an award of $3,000 over the next two years, Heinrichs returned on February 18th from a workshop at MIT sponsored by the National Association of Science Writers, in conjunction with the American Association for the Advancement of Science national meeting. She believes these opportunities can only happen at Ohio State -- with all the academic excellence to provide her with the means to realize a dream to become a science writer -- a dream she didn't know she had until she arrived here.

Karoline Gilbert is a fourth-year physics and astronomy major and a recipient of last year's Goldwater Scholarship.

President Kirwan recognized more than 100 undergraduate students for their academic prowess at the President's Salute to Undergraduate Academic Achievement annual dinner and reception February 18th at the Fawcett Center. The students who were recognized are mostly seniors, and each was accompanied by a faculty member, nominated by the student, who has somehow impacted or inspired their undergraduate career. The students were honored as scholars, as demonstrated by their academic performance, curriculum, and related experiences.

Karoline was selected as the speaker who represented the students. Gilbert has been actively involved in undergraduate research as a student.

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