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Women In Physics Su01

Celebrate Women in Physics!

On a beautiful summer day at the end of July, all of the women in the physics department, as well as friends of the department, enjoyed a wonderful lunch catered by one of Columbus's finest chefs, Alana Shock, owner of Alana's Restaurant. Bunny Clark, Distinguished University Professor of physics, hosted the luncheon. Dr. Clark sponsors

similar events four times a year. They range from lunches at the Faculty Club with small groups of undergraduate physics majors, to larger events such as the Summer Celebration. Her fellow women faculty, Professors Junko Shigemitsu and Brenda Winnewisser, are always on hand to help. Clark said "It is very useful for the women in the department to meet each other. It is important that women network and support each other, especially in a field like physics where women are underrepresented. When our students go on to their professional careers I hope that they will do similar events where ever they go." As usual, Clark handed out materials from the American Physical Society's Committee on the Status of Women in Physics. Clark chaired this committee for three years and is a strong supporter of increasing the number of women in physics.

Luncheon attendees included the women Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) students, women physics undergraduates and graduates, women post docs, faculty, staff and friends of women in physics more than fifty people in all. The department administration -- Chair Will Saam, the Vice Chair for Undergraduate Studies Bob Scherrer, Vice Chair for Graduate Studies Tom Humanic, Vice Chair for Administration and New Building Czar

Evan Sugarbaker and John Whitcomb, Administration Manager -- took this opportunity to meet the women in the department in a relaxed setting. Other guests were Sr. Vice Provost Alayne Parson, Judith Fountain, Director of the Woman's Place, Penny Moore and Melissa Weber from the College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences and Frauke Palmer.

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