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2001 Picnic

Annual Physics Picnic

The annual Physics Picnic is this Thursday, May 25 @ 11:30a in the Official PRB Picnic Grounds, just east of the Vernier Commons. Dept of Physics faculty, staff, post-docs, grad students, undergrad majors, lecturers, and official visitors are invited. Physics Pfood and Pfun are free to all invitees. Additionally, there will be the annual presentation of teaching awards.

Physics Pfood includes hamburgers (regular and veggie), brats and dogs right off the Pfamous Physics grill, a two-of-a-kind device with one-of-a-kind cooks. Also, there will be salads, beans, chips, and the Physics Pfamous CD 101 ice cream truck. We cook only 'til it's gone, so don't dilly-dally :)

Fun includes the usual toys designed with the principles of Physics in mind. Topics such as F=MA, Archemedes-in-the-Tub, adhesion, and many others will be demonstrated. There will be no quantum demonstrations, as far as we know.

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