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In the last twenty years it has become increasingly important for physicists to develop and maintain expertise in designing and producing application specific integrated circuits (ASICs).  As a result, the Ohio State University Physics Department maintains a core group of staff members who are skilled in the use of the Cadence IC and PCB design tools.  These staff members then teach graduate and undergraduate students ASIC and PCB design skills through the use of Cadence products. This webpage contains information related only to projects developed using Cadence products.

Past and present projects using Cadence products at O.S.U. Physics:

Future projects using Cadence software at O.S.U. Physics:

  • Low Noise, High Rate ASIC for PET

  • Vertically Integrated Amplifier-Shaper

  • Vertically Integrated Digital Readout w/Time-Stamping

Useful links:

a 1mm FET

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