About Us

The goal of SWiP is to promote involvement of, career development for, and sense of community amongst the women in the Department of Physics at The Ohio State University. In line with our mission, we will:

  1. Develop activities and events, such as colloquia and workshops, to promote career development for the GWiP members and other women within the physics community.
  2. Hold physics-related activities and events to promote a sense of community amongst our own members as well as an increased awareness of the issues related to women in physics amongst members of the physics community.
  3. Support independent outreach programs and develop new outreach opportunities in order to benefit our local community.
  4. Work closely with undergraduate physics groups and high schools in order to extend the benefits of the aforementioned activities to these students, as well as to provide mutually beneficial mentor-mentee connections between undergraduate and high school students and GWiP members.

A thorough description of the bylaws and orgaizational structure of the Society of Women in Physics can be found in our constitution.